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Our Story


Our Mission

At Dianna Curtis Salon, we take our mission very seriously.  We know it is important to stay up to date on the latest trends and techniques in order to provide our guests services with results they love, but there is more.  We also believe in providing a safe place for everyone to come hang out, laugh, share, and build lasting relationships.  So much of what we do requires trust in different forms.  We feel honored and appreciative when guests choose us to take care of their hair needs, and it is our mission to not only deliver, but surpass their expectations

Our Salon

As salon owners, Chuck and Dianna spent years dreaming, planning and carrying out the necessary tasks to create a salon space like no other.  We think you will agree that when you walk in, you will recognize the thought and heart that went in to every aspect of our space.  It is impressive, fresh, and comfortable.  We have a warm and welcoming atmosphere for our guests, as well as a  nurturing place that allows our team to be inspired, challenged, and provides a place where everyone can flourish

Our Staff

The staff at Dianna Curtis Salon are carefully chosen.  We begin by looking for people who have a heart for others.  We believe that with the right attitude, everything is achievable.  Then, we spend numerous days, weeks, and months training and mentoring our team members until they feel confident to fly.  We encourage an environment of teamwork  when it comes to the services we provide.  It is not uncommon to see us collaborating about  shapes, styles or formulas.  When one succeeds, all succeed.

Welcome to Our Space

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